Annual CUPMAC Awards 2018

Entry form at the bottom of this page.

CUPMAC members contribute valuable resources to their institutions. The CUPMAC Awards are designed for our members operation to share their management and production accomplishments with their peers. You work hard; you accomplish daily production deadlines, monthly milestones, and difficult goals. This is your opportunity to be recognized!

Impression Awards

Submit the entry form at the bottom of the page to be entered. There are 5 categories below to choose from, describe an effort you accomplished last year, describe the initiative you or your team took, the challenges and the achieved results. You can enter any or all categories. You can also nominate one of your peers. Your story will be on display printed onto postcards during our annual Conference.

1. Collaborative Service
Significant institutional contribution working with another unit to achieve a goal. How did you discover an opportunity and assist a unit with a solution which benefited your institution?

2. Green Service
Instituted changes in operations which impacted recyclable, renewable and, sustainable environmental resources; or communicated your green efforts to your customers. What adjustments did you implement that increased your green reputation?

3. Accelerated Service
Successfully accomplished an extreme production deadline. What was your mission impossible and how did you make it happen?

4. Distinctive Service
Achieved innovative goals for growth while continued operational production demands. How did you continue daily production while implementing drastic changes such as new equipment installs, plant moves, or reorganization?

5. Hall of Fame
In-plant employees who exemplify the highest standards of service to their institutions along with contributions to the CUPMAC organization and the in-plant community as a whole. Do you continue to run your operation while sharing your knowledge with other in-plants? Nominate a colleague if you’d like to see special recognition for a mentor.

Production Awards

Submit the form at the bottom of the page to be entered. There are 4 categories below to choose from, describing details about design, equipment and paper specifications you and your team used for the production of the piece. Provide two samples of a completed production piece for review by your fellow CUPMAC Members during the CUPMAC annual conference. The piece can be anything: a one sided single sheet, a promotional brochure, a post card, a catalogue, a poster – something you’d like to show case.  Only one submission per category please.

  1. Digital Black/White
  2. Digital Colour
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Offset Print

Entry & Information


All entries will be reviewed and judged by your fellow CUPMAC Members.

Award Presentation

  • We will be announcing and celebrating our CUPMAC Award winners at the annual CUPMAC conference prior to our Dinner event.
  • Production samples and Impression stories will be on display during the conference for judging.
  • You Do Not Need to be present to win. Awards will be mailed to the winners that can’t personally accept an award at the conference.


  • You must complete an entry form for each category submission.
  • These awards are open to all CUPMAC members, you do not have to attend the conference to enter the awards.
  • You can enter as many categories as you wish, but may only enter each category once.
  • Entries have been accomplished in the year prior to the CUPMAC conference: July 2017 — June 2018.
  • All Entry Form submissions can be done using the entry form below.
  • Impression Award submission stories will be printed onto postcards and on display for judging.
  • Production Award submission samples can be brought with you to the conference or mailed/couriered by June, 2018 to:

CUPMAC 2018 Announcement    TBA soon.